StoreFront Studio

December 4, 2009

Goldendale – Icons C


Lighting (left) Pedestrian scale lighting in addition to street lighting provides a sense character in both day and night that helps to give cohesiveness to the street.  This strategy also seeks to give life to the street after dark and illustrate opportunities to use light on buildings that calls attention to specific things like signage and building entries, while maintaining dark sky compliance.

Public Art (center) Public artwork can come in many forms, from statues, to murals, coordinating with other strategies like lighting, signage and wayfinding.  Public art can illustrate Goldendale’s identity by incorporating local history and culture into downtown.

Biking (right) Goldendale’s size and flat topography in town make it ideal to encourage bicycling instead of driving around town.  This can be done simply by providing places to park and lock bikes.