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February 17, 2010

Auburn – Introduction

SPRING 2005 Introduction Storefront Studio hosted a series of public open houses, exhibits and information exchanges to develop a visual analysis of Auburn’s historic Main Street.  Through archival research, photographic documentation and digital collages the students generated before-and-after streetscapes and individual building renovation proposals.

Auburn – Proposed 1

Auburn – Proposed 2

Auburn – Proposed 3

Auburn – Guidelines Intro

SPRING 2005 Guidelines The vision for Main Street that was generated in the first phase of this project was condensed into a proposed set of Design Guidelines for Downtown Auburn.  These guidelines have the dual goal of maintaining the existing historic character of the pedestrian oriented Main Street while encouraging new development.  They are proposed…

Auburn – Guidelines 1

The Main Street Setback

Auburn – Guidelines 2

Main Street to Retain Continuous Street Wall

Auburn – Guidelines 3

Retain Retail Frontage That Maintains Historic Parcel Width

Auburn – Guidelines 4

Retain Historic Window Divisions and Transparent Ground Floor on Main Street

Auburn – Guidelines 5

Provide Pedestrian Weather Protection with Historic Canopies and Awnings

Auburn – Guidelines PDF

SPRING 2005 Guideline Document Please click here to view the complete Auburn Guideline document.

February 11, 2010

University Way – Mapping Introduction

SPRING 2003 Mapping A preliminary mapping exercise was used to understand the existing assets of University Way, commonly referred to as The Ave.  The mapping identified social conditions, physical conditions and historical conditions found within the site.

University Way – Mapping 1

University Way – Mapping 2

University Way – Mapping 3

University Way – Mapping 4

University Way – Proposed Introduction

SPRING 2003 Proposed Once analysis was done to the site, a series of design proposals were created.

University Way – Proposed 1

University Way – Proposed 2

University Way – Proposed 3

University Way – Proposed 4

University Way – Proposed 5

University Way – Proposed 6

University Way – Proposed 7

University Way – Proposed 8

University Way – YMCA

SPRING 2003 YMCA In a studio design build project and existing entry barrier was replaced with open shelving and gates.  The shelving is open backed to allow light to pass and is used to organize and replace several existing newspaper and brochure racks.  The layout is shaped to improve the flow and eddy of the…

University Way – YMCA 1

University Way – YMCA 2

University Way – YMCA 3

University Way – The Ave Introduction

SPRING 2003 The Ave Street Corner How to Change a Street Corner in 7 Days Wednesday 1 pm: Phone Call.  Go. Thursday 9 am – 5 pm: Contact Printers. Get Pricing. Measure Facade. Friday 3 pm: Secure Funding.  Select Printer. Saturday 8 am – 11 am: Photograph the Color and Life of The Ave. 2pm:…

University Way – The Ave 1

University Way – The Ave 2

University Way – The Ave 3

University Way – The Ave 4

University Way – Media

SPRING 2003 Media Architecture Students to Help Give The Ave a Makeover – UW News UW Students Help Get The Ave Ready For Face Lift – Seattle PI (July 5, 2003) Storefront Studio – UW Regional Affairs

February 10, 2010

White Center – Asset Map

SPRING 2004 Introduction The entire Main-Street ensemble of buildings is White Center’s principle asset.  Within the general streetscape, there are pivotal buildings representing different periods of White Center’s history, but it is the collective portrait of small town Main-Street with its low commercial fronts, continuous pedestrian awnings, storefront windows and drive-up angle parking that recall…

White Center – Elevation 1

White Center – Elevation 2

White Center – Elevation 3

White Center – Elevation 4

White Center – Elevation 5

White Center – Existing and Proposed Introduction

SPRING 2004 Proposed Once analysis was done to the site, a series of design proposals were created.

White Center – Existing 1


White Center – Proposed 1


White Center – Proposed 2

White Center – Existing Banner


White Center – Proposed Banner


White Center – Completed Banner


White Center – Event Posters Introduction

SPRING 2004 Event Posters Storefront Studio proposed a series of events for the White Center Community.  These events were realized in poster form to bring attention to communities assets.

White Center – Event Poster 1

White Center – Event Poster 2

White Center – Guidelines Introduction

SPRING 2004 Guidelines The purpose of this document is to promote the commercial district of White Center as a viable place for business opportunities while retaining notable historic and cultural aspects comprising its small-town, mainstreet character.  These concepts directly relate to the goal of economic revitalization set forth by the Resident Leadership Committee and the…

White Center – Guidelines 1

Whitecenter – Guidelines 2

White Center – Guidelines 3

White Center – Guidelines 4

White Center – Guidelines PDF

SPRING 2004 Guideline Document Please click here to view the complete White Center Guideline document.

February 9, 2010

Renton – Recycle Introduction

SPRING 2005 Recycle Repair Reweave Renton’s old city hall revisioned from a civic space to a civic draw.  Through re-use of existing buildings as generators for economic and community growth, the unique character of Renton is preserved while fostering additional development. Identify and Utilize Existing Assets “Renton already has a lot going for it downtown….

Renton – Recycle Board 1

Renton – Recycle Board 2

Renton – Recycle Board 3

Renton – Recycle Board 4

Renton – Repair Introduction

SPRING 2005 Recycle Repair Reweave The activation of existing interior courtyards in the “Old Town” downtown can be realized through collaboration between the city, businesses, and property owners.  Economics uses include farmers market, outdoor movies, and exterior dining. Maintain Positive Assets, Both Physical and Social “The most amazing thing that I have noticed in Renton…

Renton – Repair Board 1

Renton – Repair Board 2

Renton – Repair Board 3

Renton – Repair Board 4

Renton – Reweave Introduction

SPRING 2005 Recycle Repair Reweave Developing linkages between assets generates an integrated city center and vital downtown hub.  Extending existing predestrian trails connects Renton’s historic core to the Ikea Performing Arts Center, riverfront, Sound Transit, and public transportation. Improve Assets Incrementally “We’ve worked hard to revitalize the downtown core…the community will see how downtown Renton…

Renton – Reweave Board 1

Renton – Reweave Board 2

Renton – Reweave Board 3

Renton – Reweave Board 4

February 8, 2010

Skyway – Introduction

SPRING 2006 Analysis The current parking and circulation strategy in the northern portion of Skyway has an inefficient use of space due to incremental development.  Entrances are vague as wall as proerty lines and bordes, and the power line right of way is not acknowledged in the present arrangement.  Our goal is to turn this…

Skyway – Plan/Analysis

Skyway – Plan/Solution

Skyway – Realization

Skyway – Plan/Realization2

Skyway – Proposal Introduction

SPRING 2006 Proposal Once analysis was done to the site, a series of design proposals were created.

Skyway – Proposal 1

Skyway – Proposal 2

Skyway – Proposal 3

Skyway – Park

SPRING 2006 Park Proposal Storefront Studio proposes a park located within Skyway for the residents to enjoy and engage.  A proposed playground and skate park will work with the existing contours of the current landscape.

Skyway – Park 1

Skyway – Park 2

Skyway – Park 3

February 2, 2010

Seiku – Introduction

SUMMER 2009 Introduction In the summer of 2009, Storefront Studio examined the existing assets of the Clallam Bay/Seiku communities.  The studio identified three areas in which to enhance: 1.  Welcome Park – Clallam Bay 2.  Downtown Bay – Clallam Bay 3.  Front Street Park – Seiku

Seiku – Open House 1

Open House

Seiku – Open House 2

Open House

Seiku – Open House 3

Open House

Seiku – Welcome Park Introduction

SUMMER 2009 Welcome Park/Clallam Bay There are two strategies employed in this proposal: 1.  Take advantage of the existing use of the pathway between the school and the deli.  Provide covered and uncovered seating for pedestrians. 2.  Introduce a new planting strategy that will provide long term, low maintenance beauty to the site while addressing…

Seiku – Site Plan

Site Plan

Seiku – Planting Plan

Planting Plan

Seiku – Elevation 1


Seiku – Elevation 2


Seiku – Section


Seiku – Proposed

Seiku – Downtown Gateway Introduction

SUMMER 2009 Downtown Gateway/Clallam Bay Signs and sculptures on a constellation of sites coordinate to create a landmark gateway corner leading to the adjacent waterfront.  The sits collectively act as way finding markers, interactive public art and interpretive exhibits.

Seiku – Whale Statue

Seiku – Fence Image

Seiku – Fence Construction Document

Fence Elevation

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