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March 31, 2011

Roslyn 2011 – Tshirt Introduction

SPRING 2011 Introduction-test As a first exercise in getting to know Roslyn, the students were asked to make a virtual visit to Roslyn on-line and in the library, and then to design a souvenir t-shirt of their visit. From the initial 14 t-shirts, two were selected by the students to be combined into the final…

Roslyn 2011 – Tshirt Design 1

T-Shirt Design A

Roslyn 2011 – Tshirt Design 2

T-Shirt Design B

Roslyn 2011 – Tshirt Design Combined

T-Shirt Design Combined

Roslyn 2011 – Postmaster’s House Introduction

SPRING 2011 Postmaster’s House At the request of the Roslyn  Downtown Association, the students developed proposals to convert a discussed but iconic Roslyn house into a mixed-use structure with live/work spaces for visiting artists and flexible public space.  After measuring and drawing the house, the students explored three proposals, allowing the community to choose a…

Roslyn 2011 – Postmaster’s House Image

Postmaster’s House

Roslyn 2011 – Postmaster’s House Side Elevation

Roslyn 2011 – Postmaster’s House Interior

Roslyn 2011 – Site Plan

Site Plan

Roslyn 2011 – Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Roslyn 2011 – Upper Floor

Upper Floor

Roslyn 2011 – Attic Floor

Attic Floor

Roslyn 2011 – Proposed 1


Roslyn 2011 – Proposed 2


Roslyn 2011 – Proposed 3


Roslyn 2011 – NWI Building Introduction

SPRING 2011 NWI Building During their first visit the students began measuring the building to produce a set of as found drawings of the existing conditions.  They discussed possible uses with the community and based on their directions and comments, developed plans for the Artisan Arcade and the Energy Institute.  They then looked at what…

Roslyn 2011 – Building Image Elevation

Roslyn 2011 – Building Image Perspective

Roslyn 2011 – Interior 1

Roslyn 2011 – Interior 2

Roslyn 2011 – Interior 3

Roslyn 2011 – Plan A, First Floor

Plan A, First Floor

Roslyn 2011 – Plan A, Second Floor

Plan A, Second Floor

Roslyn 2011 – Plan B, First Floor

Plan B, First Floor

Roslyn 2011 – Plan B, Second Floor

Plan B, Second Floor

Roslyn 2011 – Proposed 1


Roslyn 2011 – Proposed 2


Roslyn 2011 – Proposed 3


Roslyn 2011 – Proposed 4


Roslyn 2011 – Proposed 5


Roslyn 2011 – Maps Introduction

SPRING 2011 Local Map A map centering on Roslyn’s downtown was created to direct the visitors of Roslyn to the various activities located in the town. It includes icons of the major buildings to help orient people, and reflect the character of the town. Commercial institutions, services, parks, venues for food and drink, landmarks, as…

Roslyn 2011 – Local Map

Local Map

Roslyn 2011 – Regional Map

Regional Map

Roslyn 2011 – Map

Proposed Map Location

Roslyn 2011 – Community Involvement

SPRING 2011 Community Involvement The studio has taken numerous trips to Roslyn to meet with community leaders, residents and business owners.  Designs proposals are discussed and feedback is gathered.

Roslyn 2011 – Community Involvement 1

Roslyn 2011 – Community Involvement 2

Roslyn 2011 – Community Involvement 3

Roslyn 2011 – Community Involvement 4

Roslyn 2011 – PDF

Project Book Please click here to view the complete Roslyn 2011 document.

Roslyn 2011 – Media

SPRING 2011 Media Storefront Studio Returns to Roslyn This Spring: NKC Tribune – March 24, 2011 Make It Better…But Don’t Change It Too Much: NKC Tribune – April 7, 2011 They’re Ready to Show You What They’ve Got: NKC Tribune – May 26, 2011 Seeds of ‘Roslyn Renaissance’ planted at NWI Building: NKC Tribune –…