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May 30, 2012

Fall City 2013 – River: History

SPRING 2013 River: History Ferries were developed in Fall City because of the need to cross the Snoqualmie River and access the farm on the other side. The Rutherford brothers built a ferry in 1887, before bridges were erected. Later, ferries and riverboats would transport both humans and goods.

Fall City 2013 – River: Flood

SPRING 2013 River: Flood On the river or in the river? Through the years the agriculture in Fall City and surrounding areas have greatly benefited from the moderate flood. However, floods with record numbers have increased in frequency.

Fall City 2013 – River: Bridges

SPRING 2013 River: Bridges The first bridge over Snoqualmie River in Fall City was a wooden footbridge built in 1889. In 1915, the bridge was replaced by a concrete arch bridge to accommodate automobile crossings. The current SR 202 bridge was built in 1951. For easy pedestrian access across Snoqualmie River, a pedestrian footbridge has…

Fall City 2013 – River: Rafting & Kayaking

SPRING 2013 River: Rafting & Kayaking Snoqualmie River II rafting route (Fall City to Tolt River Mouth) Distance: 11 miles; Paddle Time: 4 hours Rating: Class 1 Hazards: Pilings, sweepers, logjams Snoqualmie River III rafting route (Falls to Fall City) Distance: 4 miles; Paddle Time: 1-2 hours Rating: Class 2, Class 3 (upstream) Hazards: Rapids

Fall City 2013 – River: Fish

SPRING 2013 River: Fish Fall City’s prime location at the banks of the Snoqualmie River makes fly fishing a popular recreational activity for tourists and locals alike. Tokul Creek hatchery hatches around 30,000 sea run cut-through each year.

Fall City 2013 – Forest: Lumber

SPRING 2013 Forest: Lumber Even though much of the lumber industry infrastructure is lost, the language of the buildings is still crucial to the character and development of the community. J The Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Co. Powerhouse and brick stack, even though not in use anymore, are poignant symbols of Fall City’s history as a…

Fall City 2013 – Forest: Habitat

SPRING 2013 Forest: Habitat Eve While the main industry of Fall City is no longer dependent on the forests, the forests still serve as the town’s “living room”. They shelter local landmarks and maintain their importance to the community. Restoration of habitat has been a focus in recent years in Fall City, especially along the north bank…

Fall City 2013 – Farms

SPRING 2013 Farms: History and Local Signficance Baxter Farm: The Baxter family are direct descendants of the original settlers who arrived in 1875. In 1882, they were one of three families to start the Hop Growers Association for the valley. J Fall City Farms: This organic farm opened in 1986. Located in a pleasant rural…

Fall City 2013 – Main Street

SPRING 2013 Main Street The main street of Fall City, River Street, is the center of many important characteristics like a sidewalk for pedestrians and the cherry blossom trees along the river. Both sides of the street carry heavy traffic and offer opportunities for improvement. J

Fall City 2013 – Wastewater Treatment

SPRING 2013 Wastewater Treatment Waste water and grey water play a large role in the development and preservation of Fall City. By researching possible treatment solutions, we might have an opportunity to implement ideas that could help the sewage system while promoting a greener and healthier Fall City.

Fall City 2013 – Parks: Activities

SPRING 2013 Parks: Activities The park is host to a baseball field and horse track. Moreover, the park is a central hub for hiking trails around Fall City.

Fall City 2013 – Parks: History

SPRING 2013 Parks: History The Snoqualmie people maintained a traditional presence at the mouth of the Raging River. A permanent village was located at this fertile fishing ground and was named Yelhw. The Snoqualmie had many other villages located along the river and its tributaries, including Toltxw in Carnation, as well as established hunting, fishing, and gathering…

Fall City 2013 – Parks: Connection & Restoration

SPRING 2013 Parks: Connection & Restoration Connection: The park is accessible by car or on foot. Furthermore, the park provides pedestrian access to the river. Restoration: Restoration efforts have taken place to eradicate evasive plant species. These efforts are funded by the Snoqualmie Tribe and King County.

Fall City 2013 – Community: Events

SPRING 2013 Community: Events Events in Fall City, in no particular order: 1. The Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre provides training and experience in creative and performing arts in the Northwest. 2. The 18-hole course at the Twin Rivers Golf Course facility features 5,760 yards of golf. 3. Falls Little League provides a safe, educational and…

Fall City 2013 – Community: Art

SPRING 2013 Community: Art An organization called the Fall City Arts hosts a variety of art-related events throughout the year. These events include art, music, and performances. Fall City also has its own art walk along Main Street that showcases local artists’ work.

Fall City 2013 – Community: Youth

SPRING 2013 Community: Youth Fall City has its own elementary school, middle school, and library. The area includes various sports fields, which host sports camps for youth.

Fall City 2013 – Community: Organizations

SPRING 2013 Community: Organizations A snapshot of active groups and organizations in Fall City, in no particular order: 1.Chief Kanim Middle School 2. Fall City Arts 3. Citizen Corps 4. King County Fire Protection District 27 5. King County Library System, Fall City Branch 6-7. Fall City Historical Society 8. Fall City Falcons 9. Fall…

Fall City 2013 – Crossroads: Regional Assets

SPRING 2013 Crossroads: Regional Assets

Fall City 2013 – Crossroads: Crossings

SPRING 2013 Crossroads: Crossings

May 2, 2012

Vashon 2012 – Bumper Stickers

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design Vashon Island’s unofficial campaign to “Keep Vashon Weird” was the inspiration for the development of bumper stickers that reflect the diverse character of the Vashon community.

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Alexander Thomson

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Alexander Thomson

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Brandon Weyrick

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Brandon Weyrick

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Calvin Tandi

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Calvin Tandi

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Coby Vardy

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Coby Vardy

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Cory Nestor

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Cory Nestor

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers David Kim

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: David Kim

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Emily Andrews

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Emily Andrews

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Jayson Marley

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Jayson Marley

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Lisa Healy

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Lisa Healy

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Mackenzie Sims

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Mackenzie Sims

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Michael Avallone

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Michael Avallone

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Molly Hiatt

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Molly Hiatt

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Nishant Jacob

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Nishant Jacob

Vashon 2012 – Bumper stickers Vy Nguyen

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Design: Vy Nguyen

Vashon 2012 – Bumper Sticker pages

SPRING 2012 Bumper Sticker Descriptions Alexander Thomson bumper sticker Brandon Weyrick bumper sticker Calvin Tandi bumper sticker Coby Vardy bumper sticker Cory Nestor bumper sticker David Kim bumper sticker Emily Andrews bumper sticker Jayson Marley bumper sticker Lisa Healy bumper sticker Mackenzie Sims bumper sticker Michael Avallone bumper sticker Molly Hiatt bumper sticker Nishant Jacob…

May 1, 2012

Vashon 2012 – Waterside 1

SPRING 2012 Vashon Island Ferry Welcome This project proposes the addition of welcome signage,visitor information, a waiting area, news stand, and directions at the north and south ferry terminals. Design by: Mackenzie Sims

Vashon 2012 – Waterside 2

SPRING 2012 Island Making This project proposes to re-open the isthmus between Vashon and Maury Islands to flush out the pollutants from Quartermaster Harbor. Design by: Alexander Thomson

Vashon 2012 – Waterside 3

Perspective at bridge 1

Vashon 2012 – Waterside 4

Perspective at bridge 2

Vashon 2012 – Waterside 5

SPRING 2012 Portage Store The Portage Store, a historic hub at the crossing between Vashon and Maury Islands, would be renovated into a small cafe and music venue for the community. Design by: Emily Andrews

Vashon 2012 – Main Street 1

SPRING 2012 Farmers Market This project proposes the expansion of the permanent structures at the farmers market using the trusses from the McFeed’s building. Design by: Nishant Jacob and Vy Nguyen

Vashon 2012 – Main Street 2

Market Option A

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 3

Market Option B

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 4

SPRING 2012 Vashon Pharmacy This renovation of the facade of the Vashon Pharmacy connects it to its context and enhances its visual identity. Design by: Nishant Jacob

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 5

SPRING 2012 Station Cafe Restoration Design by: David Kim

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 6

SPRING 2012 Vashon Books and Kronos This project suggests a facade renovation involving the local Tile Guild in a mosaic addition. Design by: Brandon Weyrick

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 7

SPRING 2012 Corner Brick Building A historic renovation of the original brick facade on a main street commercial building. Design by: Brandon Weyrick

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 8

SPRING 2012 Lumber Yard This project proposes two alternatives to the existing blank facade of the lumber yard storage: an art gallery and a market place. Design by: Brandon Weyrick

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 9

Market proposal

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 10

SPRING 2012 Art Deco Facade A neglected Art Deco building is converted into an ice cream parlor in this project. Design by: Michael Avellone

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 11

SPRING 2012 Furniture Design To enhance existing street furniture, this project proposes the design of  bicycle racks by community artists. Design by: Lisa Healy and Coby Vardy

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 12

SPRING 2012 Main Street Micro-forest This project proposes a small forest linked to a pedestrian network that can grow into underused spaces. Design by: Cory Nestor

Vashon 2012 – Mainstreet 13

SPRING 2012 Library Concert Bowl A proposed stage for community events is framed by an addition to the existing library and a landscape berm for seating. Design by: David Kim

Vashon 2012 – Crossroads 1

SPRING 2012 Center Garage Building The restoration of the building facade is part of this proposal to either link the building to the adjacent Performing Arts Center or return it to prior industrial use. Design by: Alexander Thomson

Vashon 2012 – Crossroads 2

Performing Arts Center proposal

Vashon 2012 – Crossroads 3

SPRING 2012 K2 Factory Redevelopment This project proposes the transformation of the former K2 factory building into  mixed use community facility. Design by: Calvin Tandi and Coby Vardy

Vashon 2012 – Crossroads 4

A perspective of the new South entrance

Vashon 2012 – Crossroads 5

A perspective of the internal pedestrian street

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 1

SPRING 2012 Beall Greenhouses This renovation and expansion of greenhouses built as early as the 1880s addresses food security, housing, alternative energy, community arts, and education. Design by: Jayson Marley, Lisa Healy, and Emily Andrews

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 2

Timeline of growth for greenhouse expansion

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 3

Modern sustainable greenhouse design

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 4

Agrarian living plots at the Beall greenhouses

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 5

An interpretive path and art at the Beall greenhouses

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 6

SPRING 2012 Kvisvik-Martindale Chicken House This project documented the aging chicken house for a proposal to restore and potentially re-purpose it as artists’ live/work studios. Design by: Coby Vardy

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 7

The West elevation of the chicken house

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 8

SPRING 2012 Barn Restaurant Another structure on the Kvisvik-Martindale Farm is an old barn, re-purposed into a restaurant in this proposal. Design by: Michael Avellone

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 9

An axonometric drawing of the new barn restaurant

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 10

SPRING 2012 Farm Stand Signage Simple and consistent signage is proposed for the network of farm stands on Vashon and Maury Islands. Design by: Vy Nguyen

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 11

Vashon 2012 – Farms and Forests 12

SPRING 2012 Island Center Forest Trail Head The design for a new welcoming structure and meet up point at a trail head to the nature preserve. Design by: Mackenzie Sims

Vashon 2012 – Final Book

SPRING 2012 Studio Book To view the entire final studio book online, please follow this link: “Vashon 2012 Final Book”

Vashon 2012 – Community Presentation

SPRING 2012 Studio presentation At the end of the quarter, students presented their ideas and hard work to community members at the Vashon Island Land Trust. Photo credit: Todd Scott

Vashon 2012 – Media

SPRING 2012 Media “What could Vashon be? UW students imagine the possibilities.” Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber article May 1, 2012