StoreFront Studio

April 23, 2014

Roslyn 2014 – T-Shirt Designs


As a first exercise in getting to know Roslyn, the students were asked to make a virtual visit the town on-line and in the library. The students then designed a souvenir t-shirt that depicted their understanding of Roslyn’s character.

aanderson_tshirtThe trip “over the hump” into the coal mines of Roslyn, Washington’s history symbolizes the bravery and hard work the resident’s dedicated to their town to ensure its economic success. This t-shirt design depicts a group of miners, some young men themselves, proudly surrounding a coal cart as it’s poised to descend in to the darkness of the mines. Although the coal mining industry has largely left Roslyn, its impact on the town’s history is indelible and undeniable. This design aims to remind viewers of that history as well as celebrate the men, and the families, that made Roslyn the place it is today.