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February 17, 2010

Auburn – Introduction

SPRING 2005 Introduction Storefront Studio hosted a series of public open houses, exhibits and information exchanges to develop a visual analysis of Auburn’s historic Main Street.  Through archival research, photographic documentation and digital collages the students generated before-and-after streetscapes and individual building renovation proposals.

Auburn – Proposed 1

Auburn – Proposed 2

Auburn – Proposed 3

Auburn – Guidelines Intro

SPRING 2005 Guidelines The vision for Main Street that was generated in the first phase of this project was condensed into a proposed set of Design Guidelines for Downtown Auburn.  These guidelines have the dual goal of maintaining the existing historic character of the pedestrian oriented Main Street while encouraging new development.  They are proposed…

Auburn – Guidelines 1

The Main Street Setback

Auburn – Guidelines 2

Main Street to Retain Continuous Street Wall

Auburn – Guidelines 3

Retain Retail Frontage That Maintains Historic Parcel Width

Auburn – Guidelines 4

Retain Historic Window Divisions and Transparent Ground Floor on Main Street

Auburn – Guidelines 5

Provide Pedestrian Weather Protection with Historic Canopies and Awnings

Auburn – Guidelines PDF

SPRING 2005 Guideline Document Please click here to view the complete Auburn Guideline document.

February 2, 2010

Auburn – Media

SPRING 2005 Media Auburn Open House Part I Auburn Open House Part II