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July 24, 2013

Gig Harbor Welcome

SUMMER 2013 Studio Intro Gig Harbor is located on Gig Harbor Bay in Puget Sound, across the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma. The harbor remains a working waterfront, but tourism and recreational boating, including human-powered vessels, are growing in Gig Harbor. With increasing competition from new developments apart from the historic downtown, Gig Harbor is seeking…

Proposed Study Sites

SUMMER 2013 Proposed Study Sites Storefront Studio identified nine unique “districts” in Gig Harbor, each with its own character and assets. These districts, while unique, complement each other along Harborview Drive and the continuous waterfront. 1 Finholm District 2 Museum District 3 Eddon Boat Park 4 Ancich Net Shed 5 Arabella’s Net Shed 6 Skansie…

June 24, 2013

1 Finholm District

1 Finholm District Surrounded by residential property and the waterfront, the Finholm district on the northern end of the harbor has the potential to be a bustling neighborhood commercial district.

1 Finholm District: parking structure / retail space / park

1 Finholm District: parking structure / retail space / park A new public dock, a water bus system, an enhanced residential hill climb, and new parking infrastructure work together to strengthen the pedestrian and commercial activity at this end of the harbor.

1 Finholm District: Aquabus

1 Finholm District: Aquabus A bus system on the water would link the harbor by boat. A number of piers and and Harbor Bus stops would be distributed throughout the harbor.

2 Museum District

2 Harbor Culture District The Storefront Studio seeks to enhance the great success in the ongoing development around Museum District further by proposing a “Harbor Culture District” to fully utilize the large Museum District.

2 Museum District: Environmental Learning Laboratories

2 Harbor Culture District: Environmental Learning Laboratories Harbor Culture  District will include Harbor History Museum, Galleries, Live/ Work spaces and research laboratory spaces for local community groups such as Harbor Wild Watch as well as satellite classrooms for regional schools.

2 Museum District: Galleries and Live/Work Spaces

2 Harbor Culture District: Galleries and Live/Work Spaces

3 Eddon Boat Park

3 Eddon Boat Park Eddon Boat Park has already started its transformation from an under-utilized space into a public resource through the efforts of the city.

3 Eddon Boat Park: Building Boats

3 Eddon Boat Park: Building Boats The Eddon Boat School is extended outside with a new outdoor boat building platform space. Gig Harbor’s boat building history and heritage would become an interactive event for locals, tourists, and the boat-building students.

4 Ancich Net Shed

4 Ancich Net Shed The Ancich Net Shed is currently a site for private moorage. The current views through the site and relatively under-developed shore suggest that the site could serve as a public interface with the waterfront.

4 Ancich Net Shed: Maritime Youth Center

4 Ancich Net Shed: Maritime Youth Center Concept Section The site seems like an ideal home for Gig Harbor’s Canoe & Kayak Race Team and perhaps other youth boat sports in a shared maritime youth park. Additional retail and cafe space would serve the needs of Gig Harbor’s residents and visitors. The existing piers to…

4 Ancich Net Shed: Maritime Youth Center

4 Ancich Net Shed: Maritime Youth Center Concept sketches

5 Arabella’s Landing

5 Arabella’s Landing The area to the west of Arabella’s Landing Marina is currently a large parking lot that caters to boat owners with moorages and daily patrons of the marina.

5 Arabella’s Landing: Mixed Use and Commercial Expansion

5 Arabella’s Landing: Mixed Use and Commercial Expansion This site has great potential for mixed use and commercial expansion. Several new business fronts are created along Harborview Drive that are similar in construction to harbor net sheds. The new buildings would be constructed at street level and extend out toward the water and offer a…

5 Arabella’s Landing: Mixed Use and Commercial Expansion

5 Arabella’s Landing: Mixed Use and Commercial Expansion

5 Arabella’s Landing: Building Scale and View Corridors

5 Arabella’s Landing: Building Scale and View Corridors The Gig Harbor waterfront is an important and essential amenity not only to its residents that enjoy their views on a daily basis, but also to those that visit from time to time. There has been speculation of raising the height limit of downtown buildings from 18…

6 Skansie Park

6 Skansie Park Skansie Brothers Park is a large open park that is used frequently.  The uses range from farmers markets to concerts during the summer.

6 Skansie Park

6 Skansie Park This design proposal suggests a large floating stage to accommodate the masses during events like the “Summer Sounds at Skansie”.  A protected pool is placed next to the old Skansie net shed, which becomes a youth center.  The pool and youth center will accommodate children of all ages year round. The boat…

7 Harborview Drive & Pioneer Way

7 Harborview Drive & Pioneer Way Harborview Drive presents an opportunity to add increased access and legibility to the waterfront. Program goals for this proposal include providing public access to open space and water, creating desirable and walkable areas, and maintaining and strengthening identity with strategic design choices.

7 Harborview Drive & Pioneer Way: Harborview Village Center

7 Harborview Drive & Pioneer Way: Harborview Village Center The proposed Village Center for Gig Harbor invites a new paradigm for the city. While both density and lack of character are legitimate concerns with any new development, the design of the buildings and relating open space features highlights the existing features of the city. Familiar…

7 Harborview Drive & Pioneer Way: gateway / plaza / alley

7 Harborview Drive & Pioneer Way: gateway / plaza / alley A newly established pier entrance will provide a sense of identity for Gig Harbor. Open plazas are used to create comfortable atmospheres that are inviting by clearly defining retail and recreational areas.  Alleys are used as permeable entrances that invite pedestrians into and out…

8 Boat Barn

8 Boat Barn The Washington Egg & Poultry Co-op Building (aka The Boat Barn) was built in 1925 to support member farmers in trading eggs and poultry for farming supplies. Freight boats docked at the pier to unload hay, feed, and supplies at the co-op warehouse. Local farmers used the co-op to purchase farm goods…

8 Boat Barn: Market Space

8 Boat Barn: Market Space The Boat Barn retains its historic structural character yet is currently under-utilized and under-valued. Ideally located close to the downtown center, the structure offers economic development opportunities, community harbor access, and a historical link to Gig Harbor’s past.

9 Old Ferry Landing

9 Old Ferry Landing Located at the mouth of the harbor, this lookout and beach would be accessible to the local community. The pier provides  location for people to access the beach and to admire views of Mount Rainier and the harbor. The lighthouse, located across the harbor’s neck from the pier, is a destination…

9 Old Ferry Landing: Water Taxi

9 Old Ferry Landing: Water Taxi The water taxi provides local access to the lighthouse park for those who don’t have a boat.

9 Old Ferry Landing: Ferry Dock

9 Old Ferry Landing: Ferry Dock

June 17, 2013

T-Shirt Design – Leah

T-Shirt Design – Leah As a first exercise in getting to know Gig Harbor, the students were asked to make a virtual visit to Gig Harbor on-line and in the library. The students then designed a souvenir t-shirt that depicted the character they perceived. This design captures the Maritime essence of Gig Harbor, with the…

T-Shirt Design – Sarah

T-Shirt Design – Sarah Paying homage to the Croatian fisherman that settled in Gig Harbor, this shirt graphic shows a net hanging from text buoys colored to match the Skanskie Netshed.

T-Shirt Design – Gabrielle

T-Shirt Design – Gabrielle

T-Shirt Design – April

T-Shirt Design – April This design playfully reinterprets the names of common nautical knots to highlight Gig Harbor’s maritime history and unique character.

T-Shirt Design – Justine

T-Shirt Design – Justine Gig Harbor is a beautiful tourist destination. An emphasis on the different activities and historical culture the city provides will become a key feature in bringing tourists to the city.

T-Shirt Design – Maki

T-Shirt Design – Maki Different geometric shapes create a new identity “Gig” for the city of Gig Harbor. Four circles indicate unities of different generations, neighborhoods, cultures and time. The “Gig” logo is placed in front of an abstracted figure map of the city, visualizing new energy generating out from the historic downtown.

T-Shirt Design – Darren

T-Shirt Design – Darren This graphic t-shirt is designed to give its wearer a lasting reminder of the beauty of the landscape in which the city of Gig Harbor is set. It also gives a glimpse into its not so distnat past, when transportation to and from the peninsula was almost exclusively waterborne.

T-Shirt Design – Erik

T-Shirt Design – Erik Gig Harbor’s new development must recognize the values and beliefs of the town. The concept here reflects upon old and new opportunities that engage public interest and participation by highlighting  its recreation, boat building, and commercial fishing heritage as a point of pride.

T-Shirt Design – Dylan

T-Shirt Design – Dylan Gig Harbor is situated near the Tacoma Narrows and is a gateway to the Olympic Peninsula through its boating history as well as the bridges. The t-shirt design demonstrates this heritage of boating, bridges, and the views from Gig Harbor.

T-Shirt Design – Christian

T-Shirt Design – Christian