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January 28, 2010

Morton – Introduction

SUMMER 2009 Introduction The Morton Washington Main Streets Enhancement Strategies involves the direct collaboration between the community, the UW Storefront Studio, and the Washington State Department of Transportation.  The format of this study is based on a series of public meetings and exchanges between the University of Washington architecture students, the Washington State Department of…

Morton – Introduction 2

Morton – Analysis

SUMMER 2009 Analysis Historic analysis and existing community assets were examined.  Through meeting with community memebers and the Morton Action Committee the Storefront Studio identified key physical assets within Morton.  In categorizing and mapping the response, a series of graphic icons were developed to represent these important features of Morton.

Morton – Historical Analysis

Historical Analysis

Morton – Existing Community Assets

Gus Baxtrom Park The park is a large open green space providing access to the Tilton River, camping, picnicking and many other outdoor activities. Historic Train Depot Located on the east side of town, the depot acts as an entrance, anchor and engine for community activity downtown. Loggers/Veterans Memorial This memorial is currently a gateway…

Morton – Existing Community Assets 2

Commercial Main Street The Wheel Tavern is in a part of downtown that generates consistent activity at various times of the day – activating it. Jubilee Park This park is nestled on the east side of town and acts as the central grounds for the loggers Jubilee every summer. Natural Setting Located within close proximity…

Morton – Intersections as Gateways

SUMMER 2009 Intersections as Gateways State Route 7 at the northern and southern entries into Morton compose two opportunities to mark entry into town, and connect visitors and residents alike to downtown.  Both locations illustrate opportunities to increase pedestrian safety while making a gateway.  The southern gateway poses a more significant priority currently because of…

Morton – Traffic Analysis

Left Narrow Paths and Islands Center Varied Bump Outs Right Bump Outs and Roundabout

Morton – Roundabout Proposal

Roundabout Proposal

Morton – Existing


Morton – Proposed


Morton – Main Street Analysis

SUMMER 2009 Main Street Analysis The following illustrated examples display strategies that respond to issues specific to downtown and Main Avenue.  These represent the factors that drive design decisions illustrated throughout this book and act as core values for future design decisions.

Morton – Icons A

Repairs and Renovation (left) Opportunities to repair and replace degrading structural elements and deteriorating facade treatments can encourage more activity along the street.  This strategy addresses issues of general up-keep, as well as the preservation and restoration of the historic building inventory. Signage (center) This strategy addresses the importance of business identity and what a particular…

Morton – Icons B

Recycling (left) Waste receptacles and recycling containers located strategically throughout downtown help to keep the street clean.  When repeated at strategic locations, this street amenity reinforces Goldendale’s commitment to taking care of its public space. Seating (center) This strategy addresses the importance of providing places to sit down, rest, and observe what else is going…

Morton – Icons C

Lighting (left) Pedestrian scale lighting in addition to street lighting provides a sense character in both day and night that helps to give cohesiveness to the street.  This strategy also seeks to give life to the street after dark and illustrate opportunities to use light on buildings that calls attention to specific things like signage…

Morton – City Hall Existing


Morton – City Hall Proposed


Morton – Existing A


Morton – Proposed A


Morton – Existing B


Morton – Proposed B


Morton – Existing C


Morton – Proposed C


Morton – Existing D


Morton – Proposed D


Morton – Existing E


Morton – Proposed E


Morton – Existing F


Morton – Proposed F


Morton – Existing G


Morton – Proposed G


Morton – Existing H


Morton – Proposed H


Morton – Color Study

SUMMER 2009 Color Study Although complimentary to the street by being well maintained and freshly painted, the color platette of the existing street favors blues, greens, and yellows, which is reinforced by the surrounding landscape.  The color options shown reinforce this palette.

Morton – Color Study B

Left Existing Color Right Color Study

Morton – PDF

SUMMER 2009 Project Book Please click here to view the complete Morton document.