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February 9, 2010

Renton – Recycle Introduction

SPRING 2005 Recycle Repair Reweave Renton’s old city hall revisioned from a civic space to a civic draw. ¬†Through re-use of existing buildings as generators for economic and community growth, the unique character of Renton is preserved while fostering additional development. Identify and Utilize Existing Assets “Renton already has a lot going for it downtown….

Renton – Recycle Board 1

Renton – Recycle Board 2

Renton – Recycle Board 3

Renton – Recycle Board 4

Renton – Repair Introduction

SPRING 2005 Recycle Repair Reweave The activation of existing interior courtyards in the “Old Town” downtown can be realized through collaboration between the city, businesses, and property owners. ¬†Economics uses include farmers market, outdoor movies, and exterior dining. Maintain Positive Assets, Both Physical and Social “The most amazing thing that I have noticed in Renton…

Renton – Repair Board 1

Renton – Repair Board 2

Renton – Repair Board 3

Renton – Repair Board 4

Renton – Reweave Introduction

SPRING 2005 Recycle Repair Reweave Developing linkages between assets generates an integrated city center and vital downtown hub. ¬†Extending existing predestrian trails connects Renton’s historic core to the Ikea Performing Arts Center, riverfront, Sound Transit, and public transportation. Improve Assets Incrementally “We’ve worked hard to revitalize the downtown core…the community will see how downtown Renton…

Renton – Reweave Board 1

Renton – Reweave Board 2

Renton – Reweave Board 3

Renton – Reweave Board 4