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roslyn 2010

June 5, 2010

Roslyn 2010 – Introduction

SPRING 2010 Introduction One of Roslyn’s principle and defining assets is the preserved forest ridge surrounding the town.  Combined with the fields, cemetery and parks within the town, Roslyn’s green spaces tie the town together and create its unique character.  These design proposals seeks to link and enhance these parks and open spaces, collectively forming…

Roslyn 2010 – Master Plan

SPRING 2010 Masterplan While remembering and respecting Roslyn’s historic past, the Green Links proposals would enrich Roslyn’s beauty for both visitors and the community.  These improved parks would be multifunctional, serving as community activity and gathering spaces, as well as economic generators.  Roslyn’s Green Links Master Plan highlights the 12 locations the Storefront Studio has…

Roslyn 2010 – Vignettes

Roslyn 2010 – Welcome Park Introduction

SPRING 2010 Welcome Park Welcome Park is a snapshot of Roslyn, showing that Roslyn offers rich history, a beautiful natural setting, and has the vision to be economically viable.  Most importantly, Roslyn has the community to bring all these together.  Jensen Cabin, which could be transformed into a visitor center or small museum, would be…

Roslyn 2010 – Welcome Park Plan

Roslyn 2010 – Welcome Park Elevation

Roslyn 2010 – Welcome Park Rendering

Roslyn 2010 – Welcome Sign Map

SPRING 2010 Welcome Sign Map The studio was asked by The Roslyn Downtown Association to look at the existing city welcome sign, and to make proposals for enhancing and updating Roslyn’s entrance marker and community gateway.  The students researched the town’s physical and social character, and composed an image that they felt best represented the…

Roslyn 2010 – Welcome Sign

Roslyn 2010 – City Hall Intro

SPRING 2010 City Hall These proposed enhancements focus on the space currently adjacent to the City of Roslyn Administration Offices.  Named City Hall Park in the Storefront Studio, the following pages look at several options for developing this space to accommodate Roslyn’s visitors and residents.

Roslyn 2010 – City Hall 1

Roslyn 2010 – City Hall 2

Roslyn 2010 – City Hall 3

Roslyn 2010 – City Hall 4

Roslyn 2010 – Mural Park Intro

SPRING 2010 Mural Park The temporary park is designed to be a public gathering area where various events can happen.  Food trucks and a bouncy castle will be placed on the site to bring in the crowd and create a relaxing family atmosphere.  A stage will be set up to allow events and performances to…

Roslyn 2010 – Mural Park Existing


Roslyn 2010 – Mural Park Proposed


Roslyn 2010 – Post Office Map

SPRING 2010 Post Office Map The idea of the proposal is to have a long mural painted on the existing fence which shows the skyline and the landscape of the Roslyn area.  The mural is broken down into 9 rectangular panels.  Each panel will be give to an artist or a group in the community…

Roslyn 2010 – Post Office Rendering 1

Roslyn 2010 – Post Office Rendering 2

Roslyn 2010 – Museum Park

SPRING 2010 Museum Park The proposed renovation of the existing museum is a combination of the historical character of the town and modern museum ideas.  A mezzanine provides more room for display.  Large windows open up like garbage doors to the view of the coal cars while letting more natural light in.  A frame addition…

Roslyn 2010 – Museum Park Existing


Roslyn 2010 – Museum Park Proposed


Roslyn 2010 – Museum Park Proposed 2

Roslyn 2010 – Centennial Park Introduction

SPRING 2010 Centennial Park The proposal is for a community ‘P-Patch’ gardening space for Roslyn.  The garden would serve as an educational and experimental garden, a place to explore plants which grow well in Roslyn’s climate.  The space would feature outdoor amphitheater-style seating which could be used for educational events as well as community concerts…

Roslyn 2010 – Centennial Park Render

Roslyn 2010 – Centennial Park Seating

Roslyn 2010 – Pioneer Park Introduction

SPRING 2010 Pioneer Park The ‘grandstand’ seating at Runje Field harkens back to Roslyn’s glory days of baseball by providing additional seating while maintaining a rustic aesthetic.  The bathroom renovation proposal from last year’s Storefront Studio is revisited, as is the playground seating.  The west corner of Pioneer Parks lends itself to a fire pit…

Roslyn 2010 – Pioneer Park Historical

Roslyn 2010 – Pioneer Park Proposed


Roslyn 2010 – Pioneer Park Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Roslyn 2010 – Fireman’s Park Introduction

SPRING 2010 Fireman’s Park The proposal for Fireman’s Park provides a place for the community to come together and take advantage of Roslyn’s natural assets for potential community gardening and outdoor activities.  Proposed enhancements include a bocce ball court and a patio dec for a reopened cafe making it ideal for visitors and residents.

Roslyn 2010 – Fireman’s Park Map

Roslyn 2010 – Fireman’s Park Existing


Roslyn 2010 – Fireman’s Park Propsed


Roslyn 2010 – Fireman’s Park Proposed 2

Roslyn 2010 – Cottage Alley Introduction

SPRING 2010 Cottage Alley The residences along Washington Street are prime locations for small local businesses.  In the back alley between W. Washington Avenue and W. Idaho Avenue there are outback buildings, unique to Roslyn, and also capable of supporting economic activity, uniting the alley and main street in business partnerships.  Commercial signs are considered…

Roslyn 2010 – Cottage Alley Proposed

Roslyn 2010 – Cottage Alley Sign Study

Roslyn 2010 – Miner’s Park Introduction

SPRING 2010 Miner’s Park The Miner’s Park proposal intends to translate the historical and sacred elements of Roslyn into an interpretive path way.  It links the center of town to the edge of town, the present to the past, and the culture and history to the landscape.  It provides a path way for locals and…

Roslyn 2010 – Miner’s Park Historical

Roslyn 2010 – Miner’s Park Axon Plan

Roslyn 2010 – Miner’s Park Rendering

Roslyn 2010 – Memorial Park Introduction

SPRING 2010 Memorial Park The cemeteries of Roslyn have a rich history, and many residents of Roslyn have ancestors buried beneath this ground.  The two proposals outlined here were designed as a way to honor and remember those buried here.  The Memorial Kiosk creates a sheltered place to display the code of conduct and history…

Roslyn 2010 – Memorial Park Rendering

Roslyn 2010 – Memorial Park Kiosk Image

Roslyn 2010 – Memorial Park Kiosk Details

Roslyn 2010 – Memorial Park Memorial Wall Image

Roslyn 2010 – Memorial Park Memorial Wall Details

Roslyn 2010 – Lighting Installation Introduction

SPRING 2010 Lighting Installation Proposal As part of Washington State’s ‘Mountains to Sound Greenway Days,’ the Roslyn Downtown Association is holding a ‘Northern Lights Festival.’ The Storefront Studio proposed a series of lighting installations, specific to Roslyn’s history and sites.

Roslyn 2010 – Lighting Installation 1

Roslyn 2010 – Lighting Installation 2

Roslyn 2010 – Lighting Installation 3

Roslyn 2010 – Lighting Installation 4

Roslyn 2010 – Lighting Installation 5

Roslyn 2010 – PDF

SPRING 2010 Project Book Please click here to view the complete Roslyn 2010 document.

Roslyn 2010 – Media

SPRING 2010 Media University of Washington’s Storefront Studio Returns: NKC Tribune – March 25, 2010 UW Students Meet Community at First Storefront Studio Open House: NKC Tribune – April 22, 2010 Tell Them What You Think: NKC Tribune – May 13, 2010 UW Dept. of Architecture’s Storefront Studio Back in Roslyn: NKC Tribune – November…